Let us broadcast live music!

VIDEO Clipper offers live music experiences in the world .You can start the live delivery anytime .

Iphone App

Look at the live music in the world!

VIDEO Clipper is the application that will be able to broadcast and distribute live music performances and the viewers can enjoy the distributed contents anywhere in the world through this application. This app makes the viewers to enjoy music events from multiple camera angles as more app users broadcast and distribute the same event.

  • - Basic features are provided for free.
  • - Broadcasting by multiple cameras (240p-480p[SD])
  • - Multiple camera views available for viewers
  • - 7 days archive function
  • - Comments posting function
  • - Favorite event(FUN) bookmark function
  • - Facebook login, Twitter login
  • - Filming and broadcasting by HD quality.
About Video Get the app


VIDEO Clipper enables you to enjoy multi camera angled broadcasting live show videos with a function to select camera angles. The archived videos will also be enjoyable with multi camera angels.


You can start broadcasting and distributing videos anytime with simple operations by VIDEO Clipper. You can broadcast and distribute live shows held in your room, your school, clubs, streets and more for instance.


If you want to be one of the camera crews for a live show, you can join as a crew.
Please film and distribute from your favorite angle. Surely some people will become fans of your video.


VIDEO Clipper supports logins by facebook, twitter accounts. Please share your favorite coming up live shows to your friends. Many artists want to reach as many fans as possible.


If you find great live shows in the application, just bookmark them by clicking FUN to add to your favorite. You will be able to easily access and enjoy the bookmarked events in the FUN list.


In VIDEO Clipper, you will be able to broadcast videos and save them in HD quality (paid service). If you are a high resolution mania, please use this service.